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A single orca killed a great white shark in a shocking 2 minutes. This hunting ...

Business Insider 02 Mar 2024
A paper published Friday in the African Journal of Marine Science detailed the event, which occurred in June 2023 off the coast of South Africa ... In 2022, another study published by the African Journal ...

Orcas demonstrate they no longer need to hunt in packs to take down the great ...

Phys Dot Org 02 Mar 2024
Their findings are published in African Journal of Marine Science ... Further insights into Killer Whales Orcinus orca preying on White Sharks Carcharodon carcharias in South Africa., African Journal of Marine Science (2024).

First Ever Photo of Two Male Humpback Whales Having Sex

Greek Reporter 02 Mar 2024
In a study published on Tuesday, February 27th in the journal Marine Mammal Science, researchers stated, “This is the first report of penetration by a humpback whale and the first report of ...

Lone Orca kills great white shark in less than 2 minutes

The News International 02 Mar 2024
CNN/File ... The events took place on June 18, 2023, and the details have been published in the African Journal of Marine Science ... The subsequent attack was rapid as a juvenile white shark appeared at the water's surface at 3.02pm ... .

2 male humpback whales photographed having sex in scientific breakthrough

Business Insider 02 Mar 2024
The whales ... Two humpback whales were photographed having sex for the first time, a new study published in the journal Marine Mammal Science said ... One whale, Whale A, appeared to be weak and possibly injured ... ....

Georgia state House passes bill allowing police to arrest anyone suspected of being in country illegally

The Hill 01 Mar 2024
Local governments could lose state funding or state-administered federal funding if they don’t report it, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, which first reported the legislation passing.

Team finds novel vehicle for antibiotic resistance

Phys Dot Org 01 Mar 2024
Researchers at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and collaborators have found a novel genetic arrangement that may help a common bacterium in the human gut, Bacteroides fragilis, protect itself from tetracycline, a widely used antibiotic.

Watch Infamous Killer Whale Devour A Great White Shark In Under 2 Minutes

IFL Science 01 Mar 2024
... of killer whale predation dynamics, enhancing knowledge of marine ecosystems and predator-prey relationships,” says Towner.  ... The study has been published in the African Journal of Marine Science.

Humpback whales photographed having sex — and gay sex — for the first time

NBC Bay Area 01 Mar 2024
But in a study released this week in the journal Marine Mammal Science, the authors said they’ve produced the first photographs of this species having penetrative sex. .

Living up to their

The Daily Mail 01 Mar 2024
The researchers, whose findings were published in the African Journal of Marine Science, said understanding the dynamics of killer whale predation is important for marine conservation efforts.HOW COMMON IS IT FOR KILLER WHALES TO HUNT DOLPHINS?.

Robinson Canó signs with the Diablos Rojos of the Mexican Baseball League

Brattleboro Reformer 01 Mar 2024
... baseman, in a 17-year career, most of which he spent with the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners ... Quality local journalism needs your support.

Orca observed hunting and killing a great white shark by itself for the first time

Popular Science 01 Mar 2024
Groups of these marine mammals are known to hunt and kill these giant fish in an epic battle of apex predators ... The findings are described in a study published March 1 in the African Journal of Marine Science.

A lone orca slayed a great white in less than two minutes. Scientists say it ...

CNN 01 Mar 2024
However, it’s the first such occurrence involving what is one of the world’s largest predators — the great white shark — the researchers reported in a study published Friday in the African Journal of Marine Science.

Man to be sentenced for murdering a woman who was mistakenly driven up his rural ...

The Berkshire Eagle 01 Mar 2024
FORT EDWARD, N.Y ... Gillis’ father, Andrew Gillis, has described his daughter as someone who loved animals and had dreams of becoming a marine biologist or a veterinarian. Modal. Quality local journalism needs your support ... Subscribe today. Cancel anytime.

How Warm Are the Oceans on the Icy Moons? The Ice Thickness Provides a Clue.

Universe Today 01 Mar 2024
They published their results in a research article in the journal JGR Planets ... can accumulate into hundreds of meters thick layers of marine ice at the ice shelf base ... Journal of Geophysical Research.